24th March 2016
Graudate Job available

Graduate Job – Business, website and social manager – Perm

We have available a graduate job for someone with an entrepreneurial mindset who is very much a self-starter, keen to learn and can think on their […]
18th September 2015
mac and wood meeting room table

Creating the perfect office meeting room

Office interiors play an important part when it comes to developing a productive and stimulating office meeting room. Meeting spaces have the function of impressing clients and yet provide a calm and isolated area from the rest of the working area. A quiet place that can provide thinking ground during a busy working day.
9th September 2015
Modern Dining Tables design by Mac+Wood

Technology and modern dining tables

This year we have seen the rise of the ‘connected home’, but what does this mean and which modern dining tables fit in to this brave new world.
19th June 2015

The perfect contemporary dining tables for your modern kitchen extension

When choosing a new dining room table the task can often be a little more complicated than it originally seems as there are multiple factors that need to be taken into consideration such as the shape and size and of course the table itself needs to match the current décor of your home. Read more...
15th June 2015
Large dining tables and planning the perfect family meals

Large dining tables and planning the perfect family meal

There is nothing like being able to sit down at home with the entire family sitting around your dining room table and just having a great time together, it’s what great memories are made of and what we will always cherish. Read more...
4th April 2015
reclaimed wood table and easter eggs

Why do we eat chocolate at Easter?

Chocolate. We love it at Mac+Wood and Easter is one of the best times of the year to indulge. But why do we eat chocolate at Easter?
3rd April 2015
Reclaimed Wood and Steel Coffee Table by Mac+Wood

Coffee table is for more than coffee !

Just before Mother’s Day, we wrote a blog post about the importance of having a great dining table to eat at with the family. What about those informal occasions when you aren’t serving food? Fear not; a Mac + Wood coffee table could be just the thing. Our coffee tables are great signature pieces. They really stand out in any living room.
13th March 2015
Reclaimed Wood dining tables by Mac+Wood

Reclaimed wood dining tables can be the heart of your home

The kitchen is the heart of the home - a wonderful place to entertain friends and enjoy family time. Whatever the occasion, Mac + Wood have some easy ways to help you make the most of your kitchen space to make every dinner date extra special with our reclaimed wood dining tables.
13th March 2015
Mother's Day Table by Mac+Wood

Will you be eating on a Mac+Wood dining table Mother’s Day ?

With Mother’s Day almost upon us, we’ve been asking a very important question on our social media channels; are you eating out simply because you can’t fit the family around your dining table? A Mac + Wood table could be the answer to your problems!