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The industrial look of reclaimed wood furniture is sweeping interior design magazines and blogs. This is why we at Mac and Wood are going to help you out by giving you some cool ideas that won’t break the bank. Industrial looks are based around a mixture of textures, especially reclaimed wood furniture with steel or wire accents. The great thing about ‘loft chic’ is that you can have a variety of styles within one room and just keep adding to it and evolving the space, as you want to. Most of the ideas below are transferrable, so you’re not constricted about which room it has to go in, or ultimately what the final product will look like. It’s your project so have fun with it.

diy reclaimed wood furniture accesories

Now bare with us, but the funkiest memory boards can be made from bed springs. This does take a fair bit of work but looks fantastic when completed. Try to go to house clearances, antique shops and car boot sales to find a very old bed frame; you know the kind with metal springs and support underneath the mattress. Well, you need that entire panel that goes directly underneath the mattress. The best find, due to the size, is a cot or crib as the panel is just the right size to hang straight up on the wall just like a frame. You can fix your photos, notes or drawings to it by using retro wooden pegs, or more modern multicolored plastic ones.


Another unlikely object that has been adopted by the furniture design set and completely repurposed is the ladder. Whatever size, or material it can have many uses in the home. If you do manage to buy a vintage, wooden, paint splattered beauty then firstly, think yourself lucky, and secondly, don’t do anything to it. Yes it might look scruffy originally, but once you start to use it and also feature other retro items around it, it’ll look right at home. You can mount them to the wall and use as shelving or stand in the bedroom as a clotheshorse and bedside table.


The industrial look is all about unique feature pieces and our next idea is perfect for that. Create your own super cool coffee table by first of all sourcing an old style, vintage suitcase. Size doesn’t matter particularly; it can be the huge kind, or a smaller vanity case style. Once you’ve hunted that down, next source four wooden legs from an unwanted unit or table. Car boot sales are a great place to acquire furniture cheaply, but make sure you don’t throw away the rest of the unit or table as they could come in useful for another DIY job.


A few smaller scale ideas to achieve this cool as a cucumber look are to gather mason jars and utilize them as vases, or when entertaining cool containers to serve cocktails in. You could also create an impressive image wall by collecting a few different frames. A mixture of coloured ones, metal and sanded or reclaimed wood looks fab. Fill them with a combination of current photos, retro postcards and film posters and even black and white images from yesteryear.

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