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    Technology and modern dining tables

    We are living in a world where technology is part of who we are and plays a part in every little thing we do. This obviously has affected the relationship we have with the spaces we live in. 2015 has seen like no other year the rise of what is called the ‘connected home’.

    What is the ‘connected home’? The simple answer to this is, the connected home is about enabling devices to talk to each other throughout the house. More than this, it is about a lifestyle experience that allows for real-time connectivity.

    Therefore, technology has moved into the kitchen in an unprecedented manner. Follow us in this blog as we discover some of the newest innovations in the kitchen, which will certainly help make your life easier.

    Wi-Fi connectivity: many appliances come with built in internet connection capabilities with the possibility of using them remotely. Control your appliances easily from an app on your mobile phone. Functions like pre-heating the oven or making sure your stew is at the right temperature when you get home will be just a tap away. Great for: multitaskers.

    Barcode scanners: not entirely sure what to do with the chicken you want to defrost? Never worry again. The kitchen of tomorrow will have microwaves capable of scanning your food’s barcodes and making sure the settings are correct for what you want to do. To be entirely truthful such microwaves are already available on the market today. Great for: the unaccomplished chef.

    Trivection ovens: do you need more heat than any other traditional oven? Or cooking in an over isn’t fast enough for you? Well, fear no more, trivection ovens might be the ones for you. This technology actually doesn’t invent anything new, it just uses all of the great things mllions of years of experience has brought the world. It combines thermal, convection and microwave heating to cook in reduced times. Great for: busy schedules.

    Interactive cooktops: Moving on to a trend that’s only a concept for now, some big brands have unveiled interactive cooktops. Imagine boiling water for your pasta on a stovetop that resembles an oversized tablet with touch prompts just like those in movies. Gone are the old gas or induction tops, all you have to do is set your pot or pan down, draw a circle of the desired size around it and set the temperature. It wouldn’t be an interactive cooktop if it couldn’t access the internet would it? Well luckily it does. Read emails, texts and recipes right on the stove. Will be great for: trendsetters.

    Of course, all these innovations are great but we have also seen some great innovation on the design front. Modern dining tables are the perfect complement to these feature packed accessories. At Mac+Wood all our design features go hand in hand with the requirements of these modern technologies.

    If anything these innovations have in common is the fact they are all design pieces. State of the art when it comes to trends. Our modern dining tables design are unique to our company having been designed by our founder and all follow these trends by using environmentally friendly materials such as our reclaimed wood and at the same time keeping well in mind the design aesthetic thanks to the brushed steel frames.

    Mixing traditional and modern is a key to success in what the new trends are producing. Modern dining tables will possibly be packed with features that come straight from sci-fi movies but the design will be what attracts you. Keep in mind we will continue to see modern dining tables with a remarkably rustic design.

    Are you curious about what lies in the future of technology in the kitchen or do you prefer old school techniques and the classic pots and pans? No matter what you prefer, it looks like we are moving towards an optimisation of efficiency in the kitchen and focus on design for your modern dining tables.

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    Technology and modern dining tables