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Express yourself with a contemporary coffee table

Express yourself with a contemporary coffee table

Amongst Mac+Wood’s wide range of luxury furniture lies the contemporary coffee table. The coffee table is one of the most central pieces of any home, representing the personality of the homeowner perhaps more than any other item. At its best, it is a perfectly functional showpiece, enabling social occasions whilst communicating the values of its owner.

Styling a coffee table is a famously important aspect of interior design. Here are some ways you can express yourself through your coffee table, if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Coffee Table Books

The one ingredient of coffee table perfection that most people are aware of, the coffee table book is the most articulate object you can place on your table, speaking volumes about your interests and passions. Choose large art books as the base of a pile of coffee table books to create a layered look on the table, either on the shelf underneath or the upper surface.

Alternatively, source a pair of beautiful bookends which match the room to enclose a few books on the top of the table.

Choose similar books to create a theme for your coffee table and indicate your commitment to your passion – perhaps you’re a photography snob, hording Ansel Adams hardcovers, or perhaps fashion is your bag and you’re stacking up volumes of Vogue.

Succulents and Terrariums

Greenery never goes amiss indoors. Bringing the outside in has long been a mark of sensitive, soothing design, and your coffee table need be no exception to this rule. House plants are a great idea for living rooms, but it might be wise to find plants which can survive in low light for your coffee table, to keep them low maintenance. In this instance, succulents and cacti are a wonderful option.

Choose cacti and desert plants for sandy, warm hues or a leafier, exotic shrub for green or blue toned rooms to give an impression of the tropical. If you want to go for a quintessentially British look with your interior, choose lavender.

Terrariums are a perfect tabletop ornament, bringing to the table both the greenery of nature and the luxurious sheen of glass.


Gathering together your tabletop items is a great way to preserve order on your table, keeping it tidy and making cleaning easy. You can find a wide variety of fashionable catchalls at homeware shops and department stores like John Lewis and Fenwick’s. Popular catchalls include baskets and trays. Try a wicker look with a basket or tray for a natural feel to go along with catci and bamboo blinds.

Glass and plastic trays look chic over a tablecloth – a little fabric can add a touch of texture and variety to a contemporary table.

Keep fresh flowers, stylish ornaments and something personal in your catchall – perhaps a gift from a friend or your favourite necklace or cufflinks.

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Dekton Tables: the ultimate high-tech tables

Dekton Tables: the ultimate high-tech tables

You need a table made tough for family life, you need a unique Mac+Wood Dekton table.

The revolutionary product Dekton launched in 2013. This completely inorganic substance is made from complex raw materials, used in glass, porcelain and quartz surface production. Before its launch the company that created it, Cosentino, invested $172 million into the new product, including 22,000 hours of research and development and the construction of a new state-of-the-art factory in Spain.

Dekton is a material with unique characteristics and seemingly endless applications from tables, countertops, flooring, siding, facades for both inside and outdoors.

Dekton is made in a process that combines technologies from three different industries; glass, porcelain and quartz. This process lead to the development of a new production method called Particle Sintering Technology.

This process is like an accelerated version of the natural metamorphism that rocks and stone undergo when subjected to heat and pressure over thousands of years. To manufacture Dekton, Cosentino has reduced this process to four hours with extreme heat and pressure resulting in an entirely new ultra compact material. The press used in the ultra-compaction can bring 25,000 tons of pressure to bear.

All of this highly scientific process has lead to a product with unique properties, which can best be taken advantage of in the form of a Dekton table.

The properties of a Dekton table that make it so useful fall into four categories.

Firstly, the table is non-porous and this means it is highly stain resistant. Hosting a party with a Dekton table? All those glass rings which could ruin another surface can be wiped away easily with no lasting marks, even the morning after.

In a video demonstration of the stain resistance of Dekton tables, they spray the table with a large X in red paint, dry it with a hair dryer and then remove it with little more than a cloth and water.

Secondly, the tables are highly UV resistant. Normally surfaces are affected by UV light and the colours become washed out and faded. However, a Dekton table will hold its colour permanently due to its UV resistance. This means the beautiful colour you spent time choosing from the myriad of options will really last.

Thirdly, Dekton tables are pretty indestructible. The enormous pressures Dekton tables are exposed to during production means that they can resist any scratch, abrasion, or mechanical attack. This makes them perfect for hard use and preparing food on, without fear of chips or scratches. In another demonstration of the Dekton table’s surface, the table is attacked with a screw driver and rather than scratch or chip the tool is repelled showing a few sparks in slow motion!

Finally, Dekton tables, like a good chef, can stand the heat. Dekton tables are completely noncombustible. They can be blowtorched and abused by pots and pans and never show a mark. Forget using pot stands or trivets, you can place anything hot on a Dekton table without worry. Dekton tables also resist temperature at the other end of the scale and are resistant to ice and thawing.

Dekton tables come in a wonderful array of carefully created colours and patterns. These colours make the surface of a Dekton table suited to any room and style. At MAC+WOOD we finish the job by creating the perfect bespoke frame to pair with the surface and style. We make these frames in any colour or in brushed steel and in any one of our beautiful designs.


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The right chairs for your Mac+Wood reclaimed wood table

The right chairs for your reclaimed wood table

Obviously if you are buying a table, you are going to need chairs. The choice of what you sit on is almost as important as the choice of the table. Today we will take you through the tips to choose the right chairs for your reclaimed wood table.


For comfort, the respective scales of your dining table and chairs must be compatible. If you measure from the top of the table to the floor, most dining tables range from 28 to 31 inches high; a 30 inch height is the most common. From the top of the seat to the floor, dining chairs frequently range from 17 to 20 inches high. That means the distance between the seat and table top could be anywhere from 8 to 14 inches. The average diner finds a distance of 10 to 12 inches the most comfortable, but it varies by the thickness of the table top, the height of the apron, and by the size of the diner.

Chair Height

Measure the whole table not just from table’s top to the seat. If the table doesn’t have an apron, measure from the bottom of the table top to the top edge of the chair seat. If the table has an apron, measure from the bottom of the apron to the top of the seat. When measuring chairs also be careful to take into consideration the padding or lack of it as it can make a difference.

Chair Width and Depth

Scale isn’t just about compatible heights. You also need chairs that actually fit under your reclaimed wood table. If they don’t, your diners will be uncomfortable and you could possibly damage the table or chairs. The chairs you place at each end of a rectangular or oval dining table should slide under the table without bumping into the table legs, or into the base of a pedestal or trestle table. If you plan to use two or more chairs on each long side of the table, make sure there’s room to slide them underneath with bumping each other or the table’s base or legs.

Chair backs

The final scale concern when choosing chairs for a mixing room table is the difference between the table height and the overall chair height. Make sure the backs of your chairs are taller than the top of the table. Taller is better, but a height difference of two inches is the absolute minimum. The chairs look squatty otherwise.

At Mac+Wood we also produce matching benches to accompany our reclaimed wood table. These benches are matching from frame to materials used for the tops. They can match the colour of the wood and we will use the same wood you ordered for your table. They also come in the styles of our tables. They are a great option if you want a set of furniture with no added hassle to find something that goes well. They are also perfect for those of you who love to host people and have dinner parties. We can make them in many different sizes ranging from a smaller 2-seater one to a 6+ size.

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The Top 10 people to have to dinner around our reclaimed wood tables

The Top 10 people to have at a dinner party

We often ask ourselves who would we love to meet and share a meal with! The discussion started during one of our many dinners amongst friends and that got us thinking. Who would we love to have sit around one of our reclaimed wood tables? The game is easy, simply choose 10 people, male or female you would love to have around for a meal.

So here we go:

  1. Jamie Oliver

Fun guy, great cook and passionate. We think he would be great to have over. Of course, some might say it is risky but fear not. We know you are amazing cooks and he is a kind natured person he is not going to tell you off for overcooking the chicken.

  1. Ole Kirk Christiansen

Some of you might be wondering who this man is. One word: LEGO. Why would we invite him? We think the answer is who wouldn’t?

  1. Taylor Swift

Charming and beautiful, we think she would bring some great joy to the party.

  1. Harrison Ford (Han Solo)

Any Star Wars fans out there? We certainly are! If we didn’t invite the one and only Han Solo we would live a life of regrets!

  1. Morgan Freeman

Soothing voice, extremely talented and intelligent. Just imagine the talks you could have with him. Plus rumours are his favourite dish is fried chicken. It can’t get better than that.

  1. Helen Mirren

Such an elegant woman. Warm, witty and very down-to-earth. It just makes sense to have her at a dinner party.

  1. Amy Winehouse

Amy had one of the best voices ever. Crowds loved her and so did we. It would a shame to pass on the chance of getting a private concert at the end of the meal.

  1. Emma Watson

Strong personality and very intelligent. She studied literature and is a great storyteller. She is a perfect role model for young girls and is a person to look up to and admire. We’re sure she would be a great guest to have sit around the dining table.

  1. Brian May

For all the Queen fans out there and music fans in general, Brian has to be on your list. He has a PhD in Astrophysics, and is an ace on the guitar. Modest by nature we would love to hear him play in our dining room. Possibly accompanied by Amy Winehouse?

  1. Albert Einstein

Hopefully he wouldn’t start an argument with Mr May over some controversial physics theorem but it would be interesting to listen to what he has to say. Mr Einstein was also known for being humble and hilarious, so he would probably have everyone cracking up by the end of the meal.

The list could go on and on but we have managed to round it down to these 10. Who would you want to have over for a meal. Have a go at thinking about it around your dining table and comment below to let us know what you think!

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Get the restaurant look in your home with a modern dining table

Get the restaurant look in your home with a modern dining table

Are you looking at creating that restaurant look in your home? There are various routes you can take to make sure you hit the nail on the head. These may include a modern dining table, chairs, booths and benches.

Are you the type to host lots of parties and barbecues during those summer days? Or do you like to have a dinner party during the winter because it’s cold outside? All this while you want that restaurant feeling? Then a big modern dining table made from reclaimed wood could be the solution for you!

Modern dining tables, especially those made from reclaimed wood can give that sense of grandeur to your guests and make you feel like proud hosts. Starting from greeting your guests and taking them to the dining room, they will immediately notice the centrepiece that an important dining table is.

The way you position the table or even set the table can have an influence on how people perceive your modern dining experience. If you are going for the restaurant look then there are e few simple steps you could take.

Choose the style. If you have a dining table made from reclaimed wood, chances are you would like to show it off to all of your guests. Our suggestion is to not bother with a tablecloth as these types of surfaces are extremely hardwearing and the more they get used the more they have a story to tell.

Once you have chosen your style you can choose the complements, such as a centrepiece. Make sure it isn’t too big though. An object in the middle of the table should never cover anybody’s vision and should always be something that can tie the theme of the evening together. Many restaurants will have centrepieces with some raw ingredients, such as fruit and vegetables, which would certainly be very suitable to add to that rustic feeling.

Next, set your table just like they do in restaurants. Place chargers on the table, then put the plates on top of each one. Add napkins to the left and place the forks to the left, knives to right, desert cutlery in front of the plates and glasses slightly to the left of them. Et voilà, you have set your table to perfection.

It is important to remember that a restaurant dining experience is not only the food, but also the surrounding environment. Creativity plays an important role when the whole experience is concerned.  Highlight all the visual aspects of the room and the food to enhance the senses.

At Mac+Wood we believe the table is just as important when it comes to creating a restaurant like experience at home, so, be sure to highlight your dining experience with one of our tables.

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We eat sleep live our furniture – if it’s not bought from us, it’s not our furniture

We eat sleep live our furniture – if it’s not bought from us, it’s not our furniture

At Mac+Wood we pride ourselves on our original furniture designs.

From the first product we originally designed and produced, the stunning Mac+Wood Signature dining table, we’ve spent many years perfecting and improving the look, finish and design aesthetic as well as our manufacturing process to bring you the beautifully handmade furniture you see on our website.

That’s why we are the only ones that make and sell our furniture. Simply put if you don’t buy a Mac+Wood piece of furniture through Mac+Wood then it isn’t our product.

Before you buy, please ensure it is a genuine Mac+Wood product.

We eat sleep live our furniture, we hope you do to.

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Increase office productivity

Increase office productivity with a pleasing, practical and perfect work space


Your work station says a lot about you, and where you work has an enormous impact on how you work.

Whether you’re starting your office design from scratch or refurbishing your current workplace, creating a professional and comfortable space will help to inspire creativity.


Warm up your office

Banish the idea that the office has to be a cold, clinical and boring area just because it’s where you do your work.

Yes, it needs to be functional. But functional starts with “fun” and if you’re going to spend the majority of your day in one room, then it should be an interesting and inviting hub.

You can easily mastermind a beautiful but practical work space with a few simple touches, such as your choice of lighting, layout and furniture. It’s all about creating atmosphere, which in turn lifts the mood and enhances productivity.


Wood works

Choosing furniture that offsets – or contrasts – with the rest of your décor can tastefully bring a bit of character to your office.

A reclaimed wood desk is one way of bringing in instant warmth and style. Pre-loved in another life, the wood adds a strong sense of charm and interest that will set your office apart from the norm.

At Mac+Wood, we combine the properties of reclaimed wood with cutting edge design to create unique furniture pieces that it can fit into even the most modern of offices. With three classic finishes to choose from – ‘Raw’, ‘Brown’ and ‘Dark’, there is something to suit varying office colour schemes.

The wood exudes luxury and comfort while beautifully highlighting natural materials to give you a connection with the past.


Fitting in

If you’ve ever sat down at a desk to work and found yourself stretching and fidgeting because you’re uncomfortable or struggling to focus, then you’ll know the importance of having a work space properly fitted to your personal specifications.

A sturdy, comfortable and functional desk is key to getting the most out of your work day. The Mac+Wood contemporary desk is designed perfectly to your bespoke requirements and fitted properly to maximise comfort.

Made with a solid, reclaimed wood surface and sturdy, brushed steel legs, our desks are expertly built to combine both functionality with character.

They are also designed to be practical and hard-wearing.


Making space

Maximising your space will open up the room and choosing furniture that fits the room will help you do this.

With our Mac+Wood desks, you aren’t bound by flat pack sizing restrictions and it doesn’t matter if yours is a small office at home or a large corporate space. This is because we can tailor the size and shape of the desk to your unique requirements.

Our desks also come with drawers, ideal for storing away important paperwork and office files, so that too much doesn’t spill over the surfaces.


Boardroom tables

Did you know that we also make boardroom tables? The boardroom is a key place where you may be sitting down to an important meeting or trying to win over a new client.

You may want a highly professional and polished feel for your office, or a more relaxed environment where staff feel part of the team. Whatever your requirements may be, we can build a beautiful table to suit your needs.

So whether it’s a bespoke desk or charming boardroom table, we hope that an item of Mac+Wood furniture will allow you many years of office productivity!


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Introducing the Mac + Wood bench

Introducing the Mac + Wood bench

What could go better with your reclaimed wood Mac + Wood table than a matching bench? In our opinion, very little!

Our benches make the ideal accompaniment to our tables. They come in in the same style, are made from similar materials and are created in a bespoke fashion.

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The Mac + Wood bespoke desk

The Mac + Wood bespoke desk

Your work station says a lot about you. Whatever your line of work, you need something that is both practical and looks good. If you’re working at a desk that looks good, it lifts your mood and makes you more productive.

This is where Mac + Wood comes in. We often blog about our dining tables, but we also make desks.

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