Ash Table Tops

High quality design meets extremely characterful, very hard wearing and beautiful Ash.

Ash Signature Table Ash Signature Table

All our furniture can be made with Ash for the tops, drawers or shelves.

Designed and made by Mac+Wood

From £2,340

Whilst there’s no denying that oak is a beautiful wood to craft from, if you’re looking for something a little more delicate in appearance, but no less hardwearing in function, then ash is where you’ll find it.

With over 70 species of ash in the world, this hardwood has a mesmerisingly varying grain, with less knots and gnarls and is an absolute pleasure to look at.

Strong Yet Sensitive

The clarity and subtlety of ash shouldn’t deceive you into doubting it’s durability. Highly resistant to dents, wear and cracks, it is also surprisingly flexible, rounding it off as an extraordinarily versatile material to use in crafting tables.

In Your Home

Ash gives a surface an attractive, solid, crisp line running through it with a subtle elegance that gives a timeless look. It does not overpower the room whilst simultaneously creating a bright atmosphere with an impression of space and openness. Available in all of our Mac+Wood designs, this versatile wood can flex to meets the style and function needs of any home.

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