Character Oak furniture

Our hardwood, character Oak tabletops are the pinnacle of understated, beautifully warm rustic design.

Character Oak finish Character Oak finish Character Oak finish

All our furniture can be made with Character Oak for the tops, drawers or shelves.

Designed and made by Mac+Wood

From £2,340

Historical Oak

With over 400 known species , Oak has always been a popular wood used in table-making owing to the range of different tones and characters that can be attained from varying types of Oak and dependant on the way the wood is treated. As its been around for so long, it’s become synonymous with a gold standard of craftsmanship across all types of furniture and when made correctly, will always fill a room with it’s characteristic rustic warmth.

Brimming with character

The oak we use in our Mac+Wood designs is character oak. Defined by it’s beautiful imperfections and coupled with our sleek metal frames its the perfect addition to modern and classically decorated spaces alike. The cracks and knots create immediately distinguishable patterns that will be different on every surface, giving you a timeless table brimming with rustic character that you’ll never tire of.

Why Oak?

Oak is known for it’s strength and durability which is why we’ve chosen it as one of the beloved materials we use to make our tables with. Whether you want to accommodate books, family meals or computers or televisions, the oak we use in Mac+Wood tables won’t just last for years, it’ll last generations. Resistant to surface stains and scratches due to its density and already rich character, it’s appropriate for families, individuals and public spaces alike.

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