Natural Zinc and Patina Zinc furniture

The latest addition in our range of magnificent table tops for your home and office is our zinc table top. These are a truly wonderful product to behold, crafted by our team to the highest quality standards. Our zinc table top will fit beautifully into your home or office.

Mac+Wood Zinc table Mac+Wood Signature table with Zinc top

All our furniture can be made with zinc tops, drawers or shelves.

Designed and made by Mac+Wood

From £2,350

Sleek and lustrous by nature, our zinc tables are available and handmade to order in any of the Mac+Wood designs. The perfect centrepiece for the perfect modern space.

If you’re looking for strikingly elegant design coupled with a gorgeous metal finish then look no further, our zinc tables are the modern cousins of the Mac+Wood Copper Tables range.

  • Our zinc tables are available in 2 finishes, natural zinc or Patina
  • By far the most durable material we use in our any of our tables
  • Brushed stainless or powder coated steel frame
  • Effortless maintenance
  • Bespoke sizing options

Choose Your Finish

Choose either a refined or weathered look with our Natural Zinc or Patina finishes. Both are incredibly easy too maintain owing to zinc’s natural durability, needing only a wipe down when cleaning.

Natural zinc is polished and gleaming with a tendency to age beautifully over time, acquiring different hues and patterning across its surface.

Patina is already weathered and ready to be further characterised through your own usage for the gorgeous lived-in look.

Zinc Natural

Zinc Natural finish

Zinc Light Patina

Zinc Light Patina finish

What makes zinc so special?

Zinc is an element that can be found all around us and is a very important element for human survival, it helps control our digestive and immune systems which contain over three hundred different enzymes. Zinc is an astoundingly durable element and when produced into table tops provides a surface that is tough and sleek by design.

About zinc table tops

An incredible natural feature of the zinc table top is that it adjusts its colour to lighting conditions in a room. Your table top will almost appear to ‘morph’ from one hue to another, giving the room a unique feel every time you enter it. Zinc is also a wearing material, meaning that over time, the table top will perhaps gain a new hues to it. It is also stain resistant, so any stains, say from a glass ring, could be buffed out. Over time and usage the zinc table top will wear produce its own distinct hues and marks that looks fantastic and natural.

Such tones are called a ‘platina’ and you can have a platina develop over time, or if you would like a more weathered look and prefer not to wait, we can produce your zinc table top ‘pre-weathered’ with light or dark patinas – this is an incredibly popular option.

Zinc, the environment and your safety

Zinc is mined in a very energy efficient manner. Therefore you can sleep better at night knowing that you are doing your bit to make your home or office ‘greener’ by purchasing a zinc table top.

With almost 30% of the world’s zinc stockpile coming from recycled sources, zinc is the green homeowner’s material of choice. With the only maintenance being a stiff wipe down with slightly soapy water, it won’t break your arm when it comes to keeping it clean.


Zinc is one material that we absolutely love, it creates a beautiful table top material that is very family-friendly, will last forever and add a real talking point to your home. If you have any questions at all about our zinc table tops, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Facts about Zinc

  • Zinc is the 24th most abundant metal on the planet and almost 30% of zinc production comes from recycling it.
  • Over 2 million tons of zinc are recycled annually and zinc can be recycled over again and again and it will still maintain its properties, this means it can be perpetually recycled consuming less energy than mining it.
  • Your body requires zinc to make new white blood cells so it is essential to life. Every cell requires zinc to multiply.
  • Zinc is essential for healthy skin. It is a natural element found in every cell of your body, in the earth, in products we consume and the food we eat, it’s everywhere.
  • Zinc has been in use by artisans since before 1000BC, being that zinc is so malleable, it was a top choice for sculpting.
  • In 1746, Andreas Sigismund Marggraf was credited for having discovered zinc’s pure metallic form.
  • Of all the metals, it has the lowest melting point at 419.5 degrees Celsius.

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