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    How to style an interior around your Mac+Wood dining table

    The dining table is perhaps the centre of the home – the point around which the family gathers and friends meet. Mac+Wood always aims to reflect this tradition in the quality of its tables – powerfully built, our tables are made to stand the test of time.

    Once safe in the acquisition of the perfect dining table, the question of how to style its surrounding interior in a suitable and fashionable manor remains.

    We’ve had a look at some of our favourite dining tables and put together a set of colour swatches to explore some brilliant colour schemes you could try in the room with your table.

    Neutral Stone

    City-slick, urban and sophisticated, shades of grey are on trend this season, and just as timeless as they are stylish. Whether subtle stone or intense charcoal, you can convey a sense of wealth and power with this colour palette, making it perfect for the office or a stylish kitchen. This zinc-topped table with a family frame is a perfect centerpiece.

    Colour Accents

    Adding a splash of colour to an otherwise neutral palette is a time-tested design technique proven to make an impact. Adding a colour accent to a room can bring it to life, making it vibrant and lively. For an industrial chic room with exposed brickwork, try a palette of natural, woody browns and our reclaimed wood oak table as a centerpiece. Adding a splash of red or pastel pinks and blues will add instant quirk.

    Neutral Warm

    Warm the winter blues away with soft, gentle hues of brown, ochre or sand. These tones will brighten a room and bring a dash of sunshine to proceedings. The perfect material to bring warmth to a room, our aged copper sits beautifully on top of trunk frames and family frames, as displayed here.

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    How to style an interior around your Mac+Wood dining table