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    Design & Décor: Copper tables and furnishings in top London Bars and Restaurants

    Copper furnishing and accenting both in and out of the home is enjoying what can only be described as a Second Age this season as architects and interior designers dive into the spectrum of hues and finishes to create newly inspired takes on the classic look.

    What makes copper so fun to use as a style choice is the freedom you have to use as much or as little of it as you like. You can recreate the Bronze Age in your front room, choose a single bold centrepiece, or accessorise with subtler touches like lampshades or piping – all (some more than others) bringing out the glowing warmth and retrospective chic that copper has to offer.

    To celebrate the launch of Mac+Wood’s Metal’s Range we thought we’d do a little digging of our own. We scoured London for the most striking copper decor we could find; from distressed copper tables in East London bars to bronze behemoths in 5-star hotels, we’ve pulled together a collection of the capital’s top establishments who have incorporated copper into their distinctive style.

    The Paramount Bar

    The first thing you noticed stepping out of the elevator on the 32nd floor was the colossal hand-crafted copper bar in the centre of the room. Though the venue is now unfortunately closed, the centrepiece will always be an iconic example of unapologetically bold style.

    Stealing the show entirely, the piece designed by Tom Dixon is an example of making a statement with copper furnishing. Forever a conversation starter, the bold design is made from aged copper and filled the Paramount Bar with an enduring warm glow.

    Nola Bar

    Opting for a far less grandiose but no less effective style, Nola Bar in Rivington Street comes complete with a solid copper bar top, copper pipes accenting the walls and industrial hanging lamps to complete the East London retro bar feel.

    Known for its New Orleans heritage, the Sazerac-infused cocktails at Nola are as expertly crafted as the decor.

    Boyds Grill  & Wine Bar

    The soft lighting, clinking of glasses and brilliantly polished copper surfaces laden with seasonal produce and champagne make for a Gatsby-era feel with the furnishings to match.

    The swanky yet down-to-earth Boyds Grill & Wine bar combines copper bar tops, tables and lamp stems with plush curtains and carpets to give it a truly classic ambiance.

    Bandol Restaurant

    This 70-seat restaurant in Chelsea features copper, distressed oak, steel, concrete, brick, smoked glass and copper pipe pendant lighting – and if that doesn’t set the mood for you then they also have a large central olive tree.

    Executed by London design studio Kinnersley Kent Design, the copper- centric decor combined with the other furnishings gives the restaurant an air of effortless modern style.

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    Aged Copper Dining Table by Mac+Wood


    Tom Dixon’s aged copper centrepiece at Paramount Bar, London


    Aged copper bar top combined with industrial lights makes for a retro feel at Nola Bar, London

    Plush furnishings and natural copper surfaces in Boyds Grill & Wine Bar, London

    Plush furnishings and natural copper surfaces in Boyds Grill & Wine Bar, London


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    Design & Décor: Copper tables and furnishings in top London Bars and Restaurants