By Nicolas Gordon

    What Does Your Table Design Say About You?

    From the clothes you put on in the morning to the table you dine on at night, you’re making design decisions all day – whether you know it or not. You make thousands of these decisions throughout the course of a day without even thinking about it. There’s an interior designer inside of you. No need to hire one!

    But there’s one piece of furniture in your house which tells your guests everything they need to know: your dining room table, the main table in your home. This is probably the largest, priciest table you own, and it lives in a communal space where you spend loads of time. You eat here, you socialize here, you live here.

    To help you get in touch with your inner designer, we’ve put together this quick handy guide. You may be surprised how much the character of this table says about you. Which of these styles are you drawn to?

    Reclaimed Wood dining tables by Mac+Wood

    Reclaimed Wood dining tables by Mac+Wood

    The Humble Hero

    This rugged reclaimed wood table is where you do most of your thinking, relaxing, and dining. Its dark stain lets the warm beauty of the wood shine through, and even emphasises it. Your space is uncluttered and open. You have nothing to hide. You’re earthy, even a bit rustic. You have an appreciation for the quirky nature of things, and you find beauty in life’s bumps and imperfections.

    Gloss Lacquer tables

    The Charismatic Influencer

    You live to be seen and connect with others, so naturally you love to entertain around this slick red lacquered table. It’s durable and straightforward, and has a way of making life easier. Kind of like the latest gadget you’ve probably already placed on order. You don’t just follow trends, you create them. A natural extrovert. It’s the combination of your sharp intelligence and good looks that strikes a perfect harmony, like the clean metal legs on this table.

    Meeting and Boardroom Tables

    The Urban Boutique

    Your style is tasteful and refined. This smooth reclaimed wood table is the heart of your home. Its light stain keeps your space feeling open and airy, and shows the natural beauty of the wood while keeping it clean and refined. You have an eye for the classic, but you keep it casual and comfortable with natural materials. Your wardrobe tends toward natural fibres in earth tones, with pops of colour. You don’t feel the need to go to every social event you’re invited to, but you’re thoughtful enough to send a thank you card when you do.

    Zinc Patina Table Tops

    The Confident Achiever

    Like this richly textured zinc table, you’re all about finding the finest blend of form and function. In everything you do, you seek quality and order. You’ve long stopped following trends – at this point in life, you’re truly expressing who you are. There’s a confidence to you and you wear it well. The secret of your success is to invest in quality relationships, jobs and objects that will be with you for life.

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    What Does Your Table Design Say About You?