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    Express yourself with a contemporary coffee table

    Amongst Mac+Wood’s wide range of luxury furniture lies the contemporary coffee table. The coffee table is one of the most central pieces of any home, representing the personality of the homeowner perhaps more than any other item. At its best, it is a perfectly functional showpiece, enabling social occasions whilst communicating the values of its owner.

    Styling a coffee table is a famously important aspect of interior design. Here are some ways you can express yourself through your coffee table, if you’re looking for some inspiration.

    Coffee Table Books

    The one ingredient of coffee table perfection that most people are aware of, the coffee table book is the most articulate object you can place on your table, speaking volumes about your interests and passions. Choose large art books as the base of a pile of coffee table books to create a layered look on the table, either on the shelf underneath or the upper surface.

    Alternatively, source a pair of beautiful bookends which match the room to enclose a few books on the top of the table.

    Choose similar books to create a theme for your coffee table and indicate your commitment to your passion – perhaps you’re a photography snob, hording Ansel Adams hardcovers, or perhaps fashion is your bag and you’re stacking up volumes of Vogue.

    A contemporary coffee table arrangement for the stylish home

    Coffee table books add culture to a room

    Succulents and Terrariums

    Greenery never goes amiss indoors. Bringing the outside in has long been a mark of sensitive, soothing design, and your coffee table need be no exception to this rule. House plants are a great idea for living rooms, but it might be wise to find plants which can survive in low light for your coffee table, to keep them low maintenance. In this instance, succulents and cacti are a wonderful option.

    Choose cacti and desert plants for sandy, warm hues or a leafier, exotic shrub for green or blue toned rooms to give an impression of the tropical. If you want to go for a quintessentially British look with your interior, choose lavender.

    Terrariums are a perfect tabletop ornament, bringing to the table both the greenery of nature and the luxurious sheen of glass.

    A contemporary coffee table arrangement for the stylish home

    Bring a breath of fresh air to your living room with a terrarium


    Gathering together your tabletop items is a great way to preserve order on your table, keeping it tidy and making cleaning easy. You can find a wide variety of fashionable catchalls at homeware shops and department stores like John Lewis and Fenwick’s. Popular catchalls include baskets and trays. Try a wicker look with a basket or tray for a natural feel to go along with catci and bamboo blinds.

    Glass and plastic trays look chic over a tablecloth – a little fabric can add a touch of texture and variety to a contemporary table.

    Keep fresh flowers, stylish ornaments and something personal in your catchall – perhaps a gift from a friend or your favourite necklace or cufflinks.

    A contemporary coffee table arrangement for the stylish home

    A contemporary coffee table arrangement for the stylish home

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    Express yourself with a contemporary coffee table