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    Increase office productivity with a pleasing, practical and perfect work space


    Your work station says a lot about you, and where you work has an enormous impact on how you work.

    Whether you’re starting your office design from scratch or refurbishing your current workplace, creating a professional and comfortable space will help to inspire creativity.


    Warm up your office

    Banish the idea that the office has to be a cold, clinical and boring area just because it’s where you do your work.

    Yes, it needs to be functional. But functional starts with “fun” and if you’re going to spend the majority of your day in one room, then it should be an interesting and inviting hub.

    You can easily mastermind a beautiful but practical work space with a few simple touches, such as your choice of lighting, layout and furniture. It’s all about creating atmosphere, which in turn lifts the mood and enhances productivity.


    Wood works

    Choosing furniture that offsets – or contrasts – with the rest of your décor can tastefully bring a bit of character to your office.

    A reclaimed wood desk is one way of bringing in instant warmth and style. Pre-loved in another life, the wood adds a strong sense of charm and interest that will set your office apart from the norm.

    At Mac+Wood, we combine the properties of reclaimed wood with cutting edge design to create unique furniture pieces that it can fit into even the most modern of offices. With three classic finishes to choose from – ‘Raw’, ‘Brown’ and ‘Dark’, there is something to suit varying office colour schemes.

    The wood exudes luxury and comfort while beautifully highlighting natural materials to give you a connection with the past.


    Fitting in

    If you’ve ever sat down at a desk to work and found yourself stretching and fidgeting because you’re uncomfortable or struggling to focus, then you’ll know the importance of having a work space properly fitted to your personal specifications.

    A sturdy, comfortable and functional desk is key to getting the most out of your work day. The Mac+Wood contemporary desk is designed perfectly to your bespoke requirements and fitted properly to maximise comfort.

    Made with a solid, reclaimed wood surface and sturdy, brushed steel legs, our desks are expertly built to combine both functionality with character.

    They are also designed to be practical and hard-wearing.


    Making space

    Maximising your space will open up the room and choosing furniture that fits the room will help you do this.

    With our Mac+Wood desks, you aren’t bound by flat pack sizing restrictions and it doesn’t matter if yours is a small office at home or a large corporate space. This is because we can tailor the size and shape of the desk to your unique requirements.

    Our desks also come with drawers, ideal for storing away important paperwork and office files, so that too much doesn’t spill over the surfaces.


    Boardroom tables

    Did you know that we also make boardroom tables? The boardroom is a key place where you may be sitting down to an important meeting or trying to win over a new client.

    You may want a highly professional and polished feel for your office, or a more relaxed environment where staff feel part of the team. Whatever your requirements may be, we can build a beautiful table to suit your needs.

    So whether it’s a bespoke desk or charming boardroom table, we hope that an item of Mac+Wood furniture will allow you many years of office productivity!


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