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    Introducing the Mac + Wood bench

    What could go better with your reclaimed wood Mac + Wood table than a matching bench? In our opinion, very little!

    Our benches make the ideal accompaniment to our tables. They come in in the same style, are made from similar materials and are created in a bespoke fashion.

    What are these materials? You won’t be surprised they are made from reclaimed wood so every single bench is unique. Just like the tables, they also sit on steel legs.

    The benches come in a variety of sizes. The smallest bench will sit two people, measures 1m x 35cm and costs £875. The largest bench we sell sits six or more people, measures 3m by 35cm and has a price tag of £1,580.

    You are buying much more than simply a bench. You’re buying a high quality item of furniture that is British designed and built.

    There is a section on our website solely dedicated to the benches we create. Please do take a look here.

    If you are tempted, and we hope you are, please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements. Once you have decided exactly what you would like to order, we would ask for a deposit and work would get underway. Once completed, we’ll get back in touch with you and we’d arrange delivery once the outstanding balance had been settled.

    Mac + Wood benches compliment our tables incredibly well. We urge you to take a look at our gallery of images and picture a family meal at one of our dining tables and all the guests sat on our benches.

    You may spot something else you like. In addition to tables and benches we also make coffee tables and desks. Please do spend a bit of time, look around our website and let us know if we can be of assistance. We’re sure you’ll find something in our range that appeals.

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    Introducing the Mac + Wood bench