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    Creating the perfect office meeting room

    Office interiors play an important part when it comes to developing a productive and stimulating office meeting room. Meeting spaces have the function of impressing clients and yet provide a calm and isolated area from the rest of the working area. A quiet place that can provide thinking ground during a busy working day.


    Boardrooms can sometimes have a stagnant feeling and seem almost too cold. There is no need for that, especially because you want whoever you are meeting to feel welcome. This is where materials such as wood come into play. Boardrooms with large reclaimed wood tables have this sense of warmth and personality that many other materials such as glass and metal don’t have. At Mac+Wood we make boardroom tables to order in many different sizes, even up to 16 or more people. Reclaimed wood helps transform even a large room into something cosy and personal in which to conduct business.

    Light and lighting

    Most people prefer to work in room with natural light, and that is no secret. If possible, your meeting room should have large windows that allow a sufficient amount of light to enter to ensure you don’t necessarily need the aid of artificial lighting. If this isn’t the case, our suggestion is for you to use unobtrusive alternative lighting to avoid eyestrain when looking at a computer screen. Indirect lighting is ideal for it penetrates the room and fills it in a more relaxed manner than the traditional overhead lighting.


    Décor has the power to inspire, motivate and impress, meaning it is as important for your employees as it is for those prospective clients. Choose the right colour for your meeting room walls and furniture. Darker tones aren’t very suitable for creative spaces and tend to make people feel tired much before a lighter tone. We suggest a lighter tone, maybe a light blue or a cream yellow, which will also influence the mood of your team. Make sure you play with contrasts, as you can always have elements of your furniture stand out thanks to darker colours.

    Meeting table pictured – 3.2m x 2.6m, brown finish, reclaimed wood and steel – by Mac+Wood

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    Creating the perfect office meeting room