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The Mac+Wood reclaimed wood desk is the ideal workspace for home and the office.

Designed and handmade by Mac+Wood UK

You will love working from the Mac+Wood modern reclaimed wood desk. We all know work can be a chore but not when you feel good whilst doing it!

  • Solid reclaimed wooden surface
  • Sturdy brushed steel legs
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Numerous draw options designed around you
  • Available in four modern shades

The Mac+Wood contemporary desks are designed to inspire you and provide a work/life balance that everyone craves in the 21st century.

Make it a business statement

Our stylish reclaimed wood desks come in a range of four colours, designed to match your home office or business style to a tee. It doesn’t matter whether you’re seeking a polished, professional look or a rustic, relaxed vibe – our desks are custom-designed to fit right into your working environment. Whatever style you’re looking for, we’ve got the ideal colour to meet your needs.

*representative only, colours may vary to what is seen on website









For businesses big and small

The Mac+Wood reclaimed wood desk does not care if you are a small home-grown business or a giant of industry.

It does care that you are comfortable and inspired when you take a seat and start your day.

It is also very flexible. The Mac+Wood contemporary desks are available in three standard sizes: Exec, VP and CEO. As each modern desk is made to order, you can choose the number of drawers and their position to suit the way you want to work.

Of course if you want a particular size or a bespoke item we can provide this to you as well.

Size (L x W)Total DrawersPrice
EX180cm x 70cm6£poa
VP210cm x 70cm6£poa
CEO250cm x 70cm6£poa
EX180cm x 70cm2£poa
VP210cm x 70cm2£poa
CEO250cm x 70cm2£poa

If you require a bespoke size please contact us using the enquiry form below.

Perfect design, total personalisation

The great thing about our desks is that you are part of the design. We’re not satisfied unless you get exactly the desk you had in mind. That’s why we keep you involved at every stage of the process.

Simply choose the base design you want. Before we build the table, we’ll send you a measurement plan that shows you what it will look like. You can then suggest adjustments and ensure it fits with your overall vision.

If you’d like a wider workspace or bigger drawers, we can incorporate that into your design. Just let us know what size you’re looking for. We’ll also make sure that the legs are altered so you’re comfortable.

We can tailor the design of your reclaimed wood desk to meet the needs of a specific space or a particular size, from a small home office to your personal company office or your employee’s workplaces.

To find out more about our size options and to see our measurement plans – click here


Ask for more details about our reclaimed wood desks

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