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Reclaimed wood furniture and your house extension check list

Reclaimed wood furniture and your house extension check list

Going through an extension of your home can be a stressful time and knowing what needs to be done can help deal with some of the stress. At Mac+Wood we like to take the stress out of most situations so you can truly experience the design and quality of our products. Below is our check list to follow when building an extension whether it be in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or your living room.

Keep costs under control

Costs of a renovation or extension can be cumbersome sometimes and it helps to know where your money is going while the works take place. Remember to consider all additional costs while planning. Additional costs that you should consider are those of the planning and building regulation fees. These vary depending on the size of the project.

Timed to perfection

Once you have accepted your plans with whomever you have employed for the works, you can lodge the plans with your local council. Planning consultation can take up to 8 weeks and building regulations up to 4 weeks.

Choose the right builder

When searching for a building contractor, the best way to proceed is to get many different quotes from several companies. Check if all supplies are included to avoid surprises along the line. Discuss all the features you would like to add with your contractor as they are experienced and can guide you to avoid mistakes. Also, remember to look at their previous works to ensure their quality.

Think about the neighbours

We all know neighbours can be tough to please especially if you have builders around for long periods of time. It is a good idea to ensure that the extension will blend in with the other properties on the street. Getting neighbours involved during the initial stages of design can save a lot of time and money later down the line if they do have any objections or concerns. Even if you are legally entitled to make changes that they oppose, it could be better to compromise than make potentially life-long enemies.

Remember: You’re the boss!

Throughout the course of the project, you may end up dealing with a large number of builders, plasterers, plumbers, roofers and others. The most important thing is to remember is that you are in charge and it is your money.

Don’t be afraid to ask what someone is doing and don’t be afraid to say ‘no’. If you want to make changes once a project has started, make them with your project manager or the building contractor you hired, not the team carrying out the work. Specialist trades people will be able to offer you quality advice, but the decision is ultimately yours, and you should not feel pressured into doing something you don’t want or can’t afford to do.

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Modern Dining Style

Modern Dining Style

Contemporary style is usually defined by clean lines, open spaces and natural colours. So why not bring this into your dining area. From incorporating slight colour to keeping it monochrome, there are lots of different types of modern styling.

This dining area has a rustic approach to a modern dining style, the earthy tones keep the room neutral and relaxing. A burning fire can make any room warm and cosy, while the simple touch of the white flowers keep the room fresh and vibrant.

Here they have used mainly blacks, greys and browns, the room has used accessories that compliment each other like the stone bowl and the brown vase with pale flowers. The use of different materials creates texture in the room.

All white dining areas are great to create fresh and open space, the simple accessories on the table really leave a sense of calm in the room. Pale blue, green and greys have been added which is great to add a little bit of colour so it doesn’t feel to clinical. They are also the perfect accompaniment to modern furniture made from reclaimed material, because the elegant simplicity leaves plenty of space for uniqueness and imperfections in the materials.

In this room there has been a great use of different coloured woods, the lampshades are simple but sleek because they are large they become a centre point for the room. The white chairs really stand out against the dark colours, the contrast between the white chairs and dark table really help balance the room out.

So here is some inspiration to make your dining area more modern, there are so many different styles of modern dining rooms that you are sure to find one that you like.

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Get the restaurant look in your home with a modern dining table

Get the restaurant look in your home with a modern dining table

Are you looking at creating that restaurant look in your home? There are various routes you can take to make sure you hit the nail on the head. These may include a modern dining table, chairs, booths and benches.

Are you the type to host lots of parties and barbecues during those summer days? Or do you like to have a dinner party during the winter because it’s cold outside? All this while you want that restaurant feeling? Then a big modern dining table made from reclaimed wood could be the solution for you!

Modern dining tables, especially those made from reclaimed wood can give that sense of grandeur to your guests and make you feel like proud hosts. Starting from greeting your guests and taking them to the dining room, they will immediately notice the centrepiece that an important dining table is.

The way you position the table or even set the table can have an influence on how people perceive your modern dining experience. If you are going for the restaurant look then there are e few simple steps you could take.

Choose the style. If you have a dining table made from reclaimed wood, chances are you would like to show it off to all of your guests. Our suggestion is to not bother with a tablecloth as these types of surfaces are extremely hardwearing and the more they get used the more they have a story to tell.

Once you have chosen your style you can choose the complements, such as a centrepiece. Make sure it isn’t too big though. An object in the middle of the table should never cover anybody’s vision and should always be something that can tie the theme of the evening together. Many restaurants will have centrepieces with some raw ingredients, such as fruit and vegetables, which would certainly be very suitable to add to that rustic feeling.

Next, set your table just like they do in restaurants. Place chargers on the table, then put the plates on top of each one. Add napkins to the left and place the forks to the left, knives to right, desert cutlery in front of the plates and glasses slightly to the left of them. Et voilà, you have set your table to perfection.

It is important to remember that a restaurant dining experience is not only the food, but also the surrounding environment. Creativity plays an important role when the whole experience is concerned.  Highlight all the visual aspects of the room and the food to enhance the senses.

At Mac+Wood we believe the table is just as important when it comes to creating a restaurant like experience at home, so, be sure to highlight your dining experience with one of our tables.

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Reclaimed wood in farm house kitchens

The modern take on farmhouse kitchens is a sympathetic combination of the sleek and pristine materials we would associate with a contemporary kitchen, with the sturdy, functional and tactile natural materials you would expect in a traditional farmhouse.

We know all about marrying together contrasting materials to create stunning bespoke dining tables that are both functional and eye catching. Our combination of satin finished metal against carefully selected reclaimed wood makes our work extremely versatile and fits into just about any modern kitchen perfectly.

The colours of the wood are great against farm house colours such as creams, blues, yellows and reds. The table is made beautifully and can be the focal point to any kitchen. Our tables are made to the highest standards and designed to last.

So if you have a modern kitchen and you are looking for the right table to bring a warm and tactile element to the room, we have lovely rustic tables of tailor made to fit perfectly. Have a look at our gallery to see the work we do in more detail.

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Modern Office Style

When you have to work in your office all day it can become something of a second home, you since you are there everyday you don’t want the room to be dull and boring.  We want to inspire you with some modern offices to help brighten your work space into something you are pleased to see in the morning.

Combining different materials in a modern room such as plastics and reclaimed wood is an instant way to add some style to your office.

This is a great example if you only want subtle modern elements in your office. The big metal lamp really makes this set up, it gives it a vintage feel but the metal makes it more modern. Its a great way to slowly incorporate modern elements into the room.

Here is a great example of an office with very clean lines, the set up flows very well to warm up the room even more you could use a reclaimed wood table which would look great with the black floors and windows. The use of two lamps keeps the room clean especially the floor lamp which.

This room has some hints of colour from accessories, which gives the room its own tone so it doesn’t look too bland . The all white theme surrounding the colour keeps the room fresh and bright, great for anyone who loves contemporary style but needs more interest.

This is a great one for anyone who just loves monochrome, black and white always looks beautiful together, and stylish, and then the pictures and trinkets make the work space more homey. If you wanted to warm it up this would also be a great room to have a reclaimed wood desk to give it that bespoke element.

These are all lovely examples of different modern office styles which you could bring into your work space. All of them would look great with one of our reclaimed wooden desks and tables. If you would like to see how you could incorporate one of our own bespoke coffee tables or work desks into a space like this, we have a stunning gallery with some of our work in place for you to see.

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Farmhouse Dining Style

Farmhouse decor always give a sense of homeliness, it is rustic, simple but beautiful. We want to show you some lovely farmhouse dining table inspired styles, from modern versions to rustice we hope to inspire you and your dining room.

This dining room is simple but still with a rustic feel, the blues really pop from the distressed bench. With farmhouse inspired dining areas you usually get big wood tables a beautiful reclaimed wood table would be perfect for this. The dried flowers and big vases are really the center of attention in this dining room bringing some of the outside in, perfect for decorating in winter.

This room has a lot of wooden features but isn’t too overpowered with them, the white accessories brakes the wooden features up which helps the room flow.  The wood also really warms up the room and the pops of green from the plants really brightens the room up.

Here is a great example of using colour but keeping the simple wooden feel of the room, still keeping warmth within the room. The different tones of wood are a great way of introducing warm tones into a room without it being too intense. The simple accessories really bring life to the decor with a bright blue crystal and fresh flowers. The table is not cluttered with accessories and the colour looks great next to the dark tones.

Lastly here is a very traditional farmhouse inspired dining room, the natural tones are a great way to warm the home and the antique looking furniture really complements this. The earthy tones give a organic feel to the room.

We hope we have inspired you to try something new!

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Reclaimed wood in modern kitchens

Reclaimed wood tables are beautiful and versatile, they look especially beautiful in modern kitchens.  The rustic look of the wood really stands out against the sleek furnishing of the modern kitchen. The table would look great against materials such as plastics, marbles and other striking products. From black, white and creams, reclaimed wood can be the centre piece to any modern kitchen.

These tables can be styled in any way from a beautiful dining set, a colourful centre piece or just some simple candlelight.  Your dining table can be the talking point to any modern kitchen, in fact, you can incorporate it into every event.

The handmade tables at Mac + Wood have a bespoke element about them and the well crafted tables are durable, made to last and of the highest quality. Following the inspiration of Apple products and bringing warmth and reclaimed wood together, Mac + Wood created the most beautiful cocktail of warm wood and modern furnishings. This makes for a calming and cosy dining experience.

At Mac + Wood we love modern furnishings, we hope we have inspired you to incorporate reclaimed wood into your kitchen.

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Kitchen Renovation Tips with Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Using reclaimed timber to fashion a kitchen table not only creates a unique item of reclaimed wood furniture, it is also a means of being considerate of the environment. It is estimated that purchasing newly processed timber as opposed to reclaimed wood adds almost 87 per cent to the carbon cost. Recycling the wood from old buildings, docks or even bridges that were constructed many decades ago actually has benefits that only arise from age.

The wood is likely to be virgin timber that has been marvellously seasoned over time to become an immensely strong, durable, stable and flexible material that is full of natural, mature character. Reclaimed wood is suitable for redesigning any style of kitchen, whether contemporary, vintage Victorian, rustic, or a mix that is totally unique to an individual. There are no boundaries; only good and balanced blending.

  Read more

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Where to Get Reclaimed Wood Dining Table In UK?

Reclaimed wood dining table is very fashionable and a high commodity this upcoming season. What makes them so great is the look of the reclaimed wood against the modern and futuristic look of the brushed steel legs that accompanies the table. It gives any home a natural and sleek look, and is sure to impress any guests that see the table within your home.

Not only do the reclaimed wood dining tables look absolutely stunning in any home though, they also offer durability (which is a quality that you may not receive with other dining room tables.) The reclaimed wood is hard to wear and will definitely not mark easily. This alone makes the table an ideal fit for a family friendly or traffic intensive dining room. Every reclaimed wood table comes with the promise of durability and a warm look tailored to fit any living area.   Read more

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Reclaimed wood furniture and your house extension check list
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Get the restaurant look in your home with a modern dining table