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Humans have used wood in a myriad number of ways for many thousands of years, but it’s surprising just how little we know about this incredible natural resource. If you’d like to get clued up about wood then take a look at these amazing facts:

facts about wood

1. Pink Ivory wood is considered the rarest and can be more expensive than diamonds.

2. Native to the southern part of the USA, Longleaf Pine takes up to 18 years to develop heartwood.

3. There are 21 different wood species mentioned in the bible.

4. The Weeping Mulberry is the world’s shortest tree. It rarely exceeds a height of more than four feet.

5. When it comes to recycled wood, the reclaimed wood table is the most popular choice.

6. Black Ironwood, which is native to Florida, is the world’s hardest wood.

7. Rubber trees can yield between four and five lbs of rubber on an annual basis.

8. Corkbark is the softest wood in the USA, whilst Balsa is the lightest and softest wood in the world.

9. The West African Serendipity tree produces the sweetest berry. It is said to be 3000 times sweeter than sugar cane.

10. African Boab trees can hold as much as 25,000 gallons of water within their trunks.

11. Some Boab trees become hollow as they age and have even been used as homes. One was converted into a bus stop which could provide shelter for 30 people.

12. There are more than 23,000 tree species on Earth but around 10% of these are currently at risk of extinction.

13. The Essia tree gives of the stinkiest odour – it smells like rotten cabbage.

14. Cork trees can grow for around 150 years and are stripped of their bark once a decade.

15. If left uncut a Balsa tree will begin to rot after 7 years.

16. The fumes from burning Ceylon Satinwood will kill a canary and knock out a human.

17. Sap from the Amazon’s Copaba Langsdorfii tree is incredibly similar to diesel and can be used as an alternative to the fuel in diesel engines.

18. Flagstaff, Arizona was given its name in 1876 when lumberjacks stripped the area’s tallest Ponderosa pine of its limbs and flew the US flag from in on the 4th July.

19. A Giant Sequoia known as ‘General Sherman’ is the world’s largest tree. It weighs in at more than 2.7 million lbs and lives in California’s Sequoia National Park.

20. India is home to the tree with the biggest natural root system. The roots of the Banyan tree in Calcutta’s Botanical gardens cover an area of more than three acres.

21. Teak trees have the largest leaves. They can be between 7” and 14” wide and 10” and 20” long.

22. The Empress is the fastest growing tree in the world. It can grow up to twelve inches in just 21 days.

23. The slowest growing tree is the White Cedar. One was discovered in Canada that had taken 155 years to grow to a height of just four inches.

24. California’s Humboldt State Park is home to the world’s tallest tree. It measures 368ft which is around 40 stories high.

25. Holly is the world’s whitest wood, whilst Gabon Ebony is the blackest.

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