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    Get the restaurant look in your home with a modern dining table

    Are you looking at creating that restaurant look in your home? There are various routes you can take to make sure you hit the nail on the head. These may include a modern dining table, chairs, booths and benches.

    Are you the type to host lots of parties and barbecues during those summer days? Or do you like to have a dinner party during the winter because it’s cold outside? All this while you want that restaurant feeling? Then a big modern dining table made from reclaimed wood could be the solution for you!

    Modern dining tables, especially those made from reclaimed wood can give that sense of grandeur to your guests and make you feel like proud hosts. Starting from greeting your guests and taking them to the dining room, they will immediately notice the centrepiece that an important dining table is.

    The way you position the table or even set the table can have an influence on how people perceive your modern dining experience. If you are going for the restaurant look then there are e few simple steps you could take.

    Choose the style. If you have a dining table made from reclaimed wood, chances are you would like to show it off to all of your guests. Our suggestion is to not bother with a tablecloth as these types of surfaces are extremely hardwearing and the more they get used the more they have a story to tell.

    Once you have chosen your style you can choose the complements, such as a centrepiece. Make sure it isn’t too big though. An object in the middle of the table should never cover anybody’s vision and should always be something that can tie the theme of the evening together. Many restaurants will have centrepieces with some raw ingredients, such as fruit and vegetables, which would certainly be very suitable to add to that rustic feeling.

    Next, set your table just like they do in restaurants. Place chargers on the table, then put the plates on top of each one. Add napkins to the left and place the forks to the left, knives to right, desert cutlery in front of the plates and glasses slightly to the left of them. Et voilà, you have set your table to perfection.

    It is important to remember that a restaurant dining experience is not only the food, but also the surrounding environment. Creativity plays an important role when the whole experience is concerned.  Highlight all the visual aspects of the room and the food to enhance the senses.

    At Mac+Wood we believe the table is just as important when it comes to creating a restaurant like experience at home, so, be sure to highlight your dining experience with one of our tables.

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    Get the restaurant look in your home with a modern dining table