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    Why we love bespoke furniture production (and you should, too!)

    Bespoke furniture production is the action of making or manufacturing from components or raw materials, or the process of being so manufactured.

    The definition is simple and clear. That is the reason why we love the production of our bespoke furniture. The design part of the process is over and we can finally get hands on with what the three dimensional product will be.

    Starting by sourcing the raw materials for our tables and benches, we aim for quality. We say quality and not perfection for a precise reason. The raw materials have no need to be perfect, especially when you deal with reclaimed wood. Each imperfection is a story to tell and finding the most interesting stories is part of our production process. They will have a chance to be refined later on during the process.

    Quality is the next most important item on the checklist. All the reclaimed wood we source is of the highest standards and meets the strength and durability we strive to achieve with our products.

    Having designed our amazing modern dining tables and other items with you in mind, we get excited when it comes to production. As soon as we get to work on the physical parts of the tables and benches, we immediately know that the feeling we have at that moment will be the same as when it is delivered to you.

    During this step of the process, we finally get to see our ideas and the results of all that time spent working on sketches and paper come to life.

    Production is truly one of most exciting time in the life of a designer. Watch everything come to real life, smell the products being crafted in the workshop and touch them with your hands. It is a chance to be connected with your ‘creation’.

    As we mention in the title, we love production and you should too. You may be asking why, so let us explain. The difference between a piece of furniture made in series and our unique and handmade reclaimed wood bespoke furniture is exactly the production. We are emotionally invested and connected when producing these works of art (trust us they are) that is why production is important. Furniture made in series doesn’t get the same treatment, therefore, the quality is not as high.

    We love production and you should too!

    If you want to find out more about the story of our dining tables and the love we have for them follow this link or enquire here to request any additional information or to order your bespoke dining table today.

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    Why we love bespoke furniture production (and you should, too!)