3rd April 2015
Reclaimed Wood and Steel Coffee Table by Mac+Wood

Coffee table is for more than coffee !

Just before Mother’s Day, we wrote a blog post about the importance of having a great dining table to eat at with the family. What about those informal occasions when you aren’t serving food? Fear not; a Mac + Wood coffee table could be just the thing. Our coffee tables are great signature pieces. They really stand out in any living room.
22nd February 2015

Mac + Wood; keep the same theme throughout your home

In previous blog posts we’ve covered the various items in the Mac + Wood product range. We have tables, benches and desks, all of them made […]
6th February 2015

Ordering an item of bespoke furniture from Mac + Wood

Let us imagine for a moment that you have ordered an item from Mac + Wood. In addition to acknowledging your impeccable taste (you can hardly […]
30th January 2015

Mac + Wood; British made bespoke furniture, enjoyed internationally

Take a look on the internet and you’ll find many companies offering bespoke furniture made from reclaimed wood. Not all that many, however, will be from […]
21st January 2015

Bespoke furniture; size does matter

Go into your average furniture store and take a look at the dining tables on offer. There’s one difference between what you’ll see and the bespoke […]
15th January 2015

Bespoke Mac + Wood furniture; see what our customers have said

We spend quite a bit of time telling you how marvellous reclaimed wood furniture is. We would forgive you for saying we’re biased! Good quality design […]
10th January 2015

Mac + Wood’s range of bespoke furniture

Over recent week’s we have written a lot about the appeal of bespoke furniture made from reused wood. For this blog post, however, we felt it […]
14th November 2014

Reclaimed wood furniture; where does the timber come from?

Take a look at the picture below. What you’re looking at is a delightful Mac + Wood farmhouse kitchen table made from reclaimed wood. That, however, […]
29th October 2014

The Mac + Wood bespoke, reclaimed wood bench.

A bespoke reclaimed wood bench from Mac + Wood is much more than a practical piece of furniture. Made from reclaimed materials, it is a ‘one […]