6th January 2015

The pleasure of a farmhouse dining table

May we start our first blog post of 2015 by wishing all Mac + Wood customers a very happy and prosperous New Year. We hope your […]
22nd October 2014

Bespoke coffee table, a warm centre piece

Bespoke coffee table, a warm centre piece A bespoke coffee table made from reclaimed materials makes a superb centre piece for any living room. A unique […]
21st February 2014

Are you Sitting on a Reclaimed Wood Goldmine?

It wasn’t so long ago that homeowners across the nation were ripping out every inch of character from their homes and replacing it with modern materials. […]
14th February 2014

Why it’s Time to Buy Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood furniture is characterful, warm and full of history. Whilst it may be mostly associated with the rustic country kitchen look, it can work wonderfully […]
7th February 2014

Reclaimed Wood – A Global Design Trend

Old railroad cars in the US, the remains of demolished village houses in Bali, an Indonesian shipwreck and a British stately home. Reclaimed wood from all […]
4th February 2014

Reclaimed Wood – From Tree to Table

Hundreds of years ago the UK was covered with lush forest packed with pine, elm, oak, beech, ash and more. We made good use of our […]