14th November 2014

Reclaimed wood furniture; where does the timber come from?

Take a look at the picture below. What you’re looking at is a delightful Mac + Wood farmhouse kitchen table made from reclaimed wood. That, however, […]
22nd October 2014

Bespoke coffee table, a warm centre piece

Bespoke coffee table, a warm centre piece A bespoke coffee table made from reclaimed materials makes a superb centre piece for any living room. A unique […]
22nd August 2014

Kitchen Renovation Tips with Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Using reclaimed timber to fashion a kitchen table not only creates a unique item of reclaimed wood furniture, it is also a means of being considerate […]
13th August 2014

Where to Get Reclaimed Wood Dining Table In UK?

Reclaimed wood dining table is very fashionable and a high commodity this upcoming season. What makes them so great is the look of the reclaimed wood […]
25th July 2014

Where to Find Industrial Inspiration

When you’re stuck for inspiration, it can sometimes feel like there’s no way to improve the look and feel of your space. With people becoming increasingly […]
20th June 2014

Reclaimed Wood Furniture, Why It Is The Best?

Reclaimed wood furniture, incase you’re unsure, is simply wooded furniture that has been built from wood that used for another purpose. Some locations wood is often […]
25th April 2014

Wooden Kitchen Tables to Make A Splash in 2014

If you’re style savvy and environmentally aware then you’re in luck, because the biggest trend to hit interiors in 2014 not only looks amazing, but it’s […]
31st March 2014

25 Incredible Facts about Wood

Humans have used wood in a myriad number of ways for many thousands of years, but it’s surprising just how little we know about this incredible […]