Chest Of Drawers

Mac+Wood Drawer Unit from reclaimed wood and steel Mac+Wood Drawer Unit from reclaimed wood and steel Mac+Wood Drawer Unit from reclaimed wood and steel Mac+Wood Drawer Unit from reclaimed wood and steel

Our contemporary chest of drawers is the ideal storage for the home and the office.

Designed and handmade by Mac+Wood UK

Made from your choice of reclaimed wood, ash, oak, copper, zinc or Dekton and brushed or powder coated steel, our Mac+Wood drawer units are strong and singular, bringing a striking design element to interiors, be they contemporary or rustic.

  • Solid surface
  • Sturdy brushed or powder coated steel legs
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Numerous drawer options designed around you
  • Available in four modern shades and other materials

The Mac+Wood contemporary chest of drawers can form part of your new office suite of furniture including matching meeting tables, bookcases and desks.

Matching your drawers to your lifestyle

We can create a chest of drawers that reflects your unique style. They come in a range of materials: reclaimed wood, ash, character oak, copper, zinc and Dekton. Our woods come in four exclusive shades: raw, brown, dark and grey. Each shade is the product of lengthy deliberation on the part of our design experts, and each is suited perfectly to a range of environments, whether you’re buying for a country home or a sleek city apartment. Either way, our modern wooden drawers are custom-designed to fit right into your home. Whatever style you’re looking for, we’ve got the ideal colour to meet your needs.

*representative only, colours may vary to what is seen on website









Simply remarkable designs

All our drawers are created with the client in mind. You are a vital part of the design and production process, and we focus on your requirements to ensure we deliver exactly what you need.

Before we get to work creating your chest of drawers, we’ll provide you with a measurement plan. This plan details how it will look, and gives you the chance to request any changes.

You’ll choose from reclaimed wood drawers, ash drawers, oak drawers, copper drawers, zinc drawers or Dekton drawers. If you’re looking for a custom size, remember, our designs are fully bespoke and can be tailored to meet your needs.

To find out more about our size options and to see our measurement plans – click here


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