Ash Table Tops

High quality design meets extremely characterful, very hard wearing and beautiful Ash.

Mac+Wood Atelier bespoke design service Ash with Aged Copper inlay table top by Mac+Wood Mac+Wood Signature table with Ash and Aged copper inlay Sideboard with Ash and Aged Copper inlays by Mac+Wood

All our furniture can be made with Ash for the tops, drawers or shelves.

Designed and made by Mac+Wood

From £2,340

There’s no denying that oak is a beautiful wood to craft from. But if you’re looking for something a little more delicate in appearance, and no less hard-wearing in function, then ash is where you’ll find it.

Choose the right size and finish

If you are looking to make a statement in your home or office, our Ash finish tables are ready to impress. Seating 6 to 14 people, they are perfect for sophisticated rooms of all sizes. Our Ash finished tops are available in all of our Mac+Wood designs. If you require a bespoke size, please contact us using the enquiry form below.

Ash gives a surface an attractive, solid, crisp grain to create a subtle elegance and a timeless look. It brings a bright and airy atmosphere, with an impression of space and openness, and will not overpower your room. Available in all our Mac+Wood designs, this versatile wood can flex to meet the style and function needs of any home.

Ash is a hardwood with a mesmerisingly varying grain, fewer knots and gnarls, and is an absolute pleasure to look at. Its fine finish creates furniture with a subtle presence. The wood is light, dry and distinctive, with a classy feel. It’s almost the antithesis of pine. You won’t find many other houses with an ash table.

Strong Yet Sensitive

The clarity and subtlety of ash shouldn’t deceive you into doubting its durability. Naturally resistant to dents, wear and cracks, it is also surprisingly flexible, rounding it off as an extraordinarily versatile material to use in crafting tables.

In Your Home

Ash might appear light, but it’s tough, dense and resistant to splitting. This makes it perfect for furniture, whether polished, stained or left natural. The grain patterns, with subtle streaks of reddy-browns or olive-greys, will surprise and delight in equal measure. An ash table will offset the shades around your room and provide a counterpoint to the other furniture.

5 facts about Ash


There are estimated to be maybe 70 varieties of Ash trees growing all over the northern hemisphere in Europe, Asia and North America. It’s the 3rd most common tree in the UK.

An All-rounder

Ash wood is both strong and elastic, so it’s perfect for making sports equipment like baseball bats, hockey sticks, tennis rackets and canoe paddles. You’ll also find it in guitars, doors and flooring!

Healing Qualities

The Ash tree produces a substance similar to olive oil that can be used to naturally treat stomach disorders. In ancient Britain, healers also used Ash tree bark to treat warts on the skin.


In the 19th century, Ash was a popular choice for making carriages due to its strength and flexibility. It was also used for boats, and early aeroplane frames.


In Norse mythology, the World Tree, Yggdrasil, is thought to be an Ash, and the first man, Askr, was formed from an Ash tree.

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