The “Tron” design by Mac+Wood

Stunning unique statement table designed to turn heads and defend against the ‘Users’

The dramatic ‘Tron’ table, inspired by the movie of the same name, is available in all our finishes.

Designed and made by Mac+Wood

From £2,775

Our boundary pushing “Tron” design is an inspired work of art whose creation comes from a hybrid mixture of progressive furniture trends and nostalgic sentiment. Modelled on a spacecraft from the sci-fi epic it takes it’s name from, this pedestal table is the epitome of modern elegance.

The attraction of this design, other than its contemporary feel, is that the positioning of the legs closer to the center line of the table allows for extra seats around the table. With no obstructions on each corner, the pedestal table design is able to boast the tabletop of your choosing whilst avoiding compromising on stability or style.

  • Durable and elegant, reclaimed wood, ash, oak, copper, zinc or Dekton surfaces
  • Pedestal table leg positioning creates more space and an ultra modern look
  • Sizes from 1.8m to 3m for up to 14 guest
  • Bespoke options available on request

It’s all in the finish

All our tables can be produced in any of our stunning finishes to fit perfectly into your dining space.

Our finishes have been chosen to suit a range of environments. Need a table that works with your colour scheme? Or did you want something that enhances your tiles and tableware?

Choose a finish that matches your requirements: from bold Copper & Zinc, Dekton and Reclaimed Wood to traditional Oak and Ash, check out our range of finish options. If you’d like to design your own unique handmade table, simply have a go on our Table Configurator.

*representative only, colours may vary to what is seen on website









Catering to every one of your guests

When you’re entertaining, you want your guests to feel comfortable and perfectly at ease. The wrong table can mean that friends and family feel squashed and cramped, bumping in to each other while they’re eating.

All our tables have been handmade to ensure that every individual gets the perfect amount of space at the table, with no exceptions.

Our tables, which seat from 6 to 14 people, are ideal for relaxed family meals, entertaining friends, and even dining with colleagues.

If you’ve got a particular bespoke size in mind, simply get in touch using the enquiry form below.

Size (L x W)Number of guest placesReclaimed PriceOak/Ash
6+180cm x 100cm6 to 8 guests£2,325£2,525
8+210cm x 100cm8 to 10 guests£2,440£2,755
10+250cm x 100cm10 to 12 guests£2,700£2,950
12+300cm x 100cm12 to 14 guests£3,025£3,340
14+320cm x 110cm14 or more guests£3,625£3,895

For pricing in Oak, Ash, Copper or Zinc finishes or if you require a bespoke size
please contact us using the enquiry form below.

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