Bespoke Meeting & Boardroom Tables

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Our meeting and boardroom tables are entirely bespoke, ensuring you create the impact that you want for your business.

Designed and handmade boardroom tables by Mac+Wood

Whether you are looking to impress a potential new business contact or create a space where your team can work best to maximise your company, our contemporary boardroom tables have proven to be a priceless asset to our clients.

  • Impressive range of surfaces
  • Solid yet elegant brushed steel legs
  • Made to the size that fits your meeting room perfectly
  • Available in four modern shades

Our boardroom tables are available in six stunning materials: ash, character oak, reclaimed wood, copper, zinc and Dekton. They are elegant and luxurious whilst bringing out the best in staff. For this reason, our clients have called our tables a wise business investment, confident in the excellent returns they offer.

A colour that suits your business

Our meeting room tables come in six materials and four shades of wood to suit any business type. Perhaps you want to create a highly professional and polished feel for your company. Perhaps you would rather create a more relaxed ethos to make your staff feel part of a team.

Whatever your business goals, we have a colour and surface that will match your business aspirations.

All our furniture is available in Reclaimed Wood, Character Oak and Ash, Dekton, Copper & Zinc.

To explore our finish options, click here, or to design your own table visit our Table Configurator – click here

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All our furniture is available in Reclaimed WoodCharacter Oak and AshDekton, Copper and Zinc. To explore our finish options click here.

Square table.
Round of applause.

We have a standard-sized wood and steel meeting table that is perfect for all business types. However, if you think outside the box and want to go beyond industry standard, our professionals can bend their craft to suit your needs.

We can make your meeting table to any size you require to handle large corporate meetings, one-to-one sessions or to spread out your work and go to town on a new business or creative idea.

Size (L x W)Number of placesReclaimed Price
6+180cm x 100cm6 to 8 places£2,650
8+210cm x 100cm8 to 10 places£2,820
10+250cm x 100cm10 to 12 places£3,150
12+300cm x 100cm12 to 14 places£3,475
14+300cm x 120cm14 or more places£3,750
Boardroom L350cm x 130cm16 or more places£POA
Boardroom XL400cm x 140cm16 or more places£POA

For pricing in Oak, Ash, Copper, Zinc or Dekton finishes or if you require a bespoke size please contact us using the enquiry form below. All prices include VAT.

Capturing your style

The boardroom table is the central statement of your business environment. It’s important that it reflects your culture and style. That’s why we make sure you’re involved in the design every step of the way.

Do you want a copper meeting table, a zinc meeting table, or a wooden table? What does Dekton, ash or oak say about you? We take pride in delivering a boardroom table that meets your requirements exactly. Before we begin production, we’ll send you a mock-up of what it will look like for you to approve. This is the ideal time to suggest any changes and check that it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’d like your chairs to be wider, simply let us know. We’ll adjust the size, based on your requirements, and we’ll also alter the legs to make sure your clients and employees can sit comfortably.

Remember, we offer a bespoke service. That means whatever size table you’re looking for, we can create it for you.

For more details on our sizes and finishes or to request a measurement plan – click here


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